The Plot Thickens
6.25.11 - 8.6.11
opening reception June 25, 6-9 pm
Scott Espeseth
Art Guerra

Offering too common a thread is not my forte. Scott and Arthur's artwork combined works like the chemistry in love and that of homemade volcanoes. It's not rocket science, but it may be cosmic.
Both artists present a sense of unease and anxiety just beneath the works surface. While Scott states "the images are laden with a sense of failure, a pathetic disappointment, accepted with a sense of humor", Arthur's work is literally loaded. Both artists use their selected mediums to build suspense and curiosity through whimsy and as you move closer- theories become inconclusive, the fog rolls in, a tree burns, a room floods, and the plot thickens. This is a match made in the heavens.

Sharon Butler Art Guerra: Pigment dispersion + binder + other stuff = an alternate universe

The James Kalm Report The Plot Thickens

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