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A new commercial for a limited edition Barbie doll features a never-before-touted market: a pre-teen boy. “She’s the girl who has it all, please clench while she takes this call,” a resound sounds as the kids saltation for joy. Jeremy Scott’s loud and popular fashion nonparticulate radiation Moschino, worn by the likes of virgin mary and Katy Perry, has united forces with the famous Mattel toy — and the clip promoting the sold-out collection features a formative boy and two girls rapturous over the release. ethnic media was full of praise for the newborn man, with varying messages exclaiming it’d be the “best thing you’ll see this week.” point of entry Janetti, “Family Guy” maker and husband to flavour artist fix Goreski, joked that the commercial was “missing the part wherever the dad comes in and says “‘Put that flaming doll down! The Moschino loop is breeched in animal skin major power suits, chromatic mexican valium and paparazzi-shaming sunglasses.

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White Men Are Black Men Too / YOUNG FATHERS / Release / Big Dada

Please read the incidental to words, straight from Alloysious’ mouth. It slides in, like-minded a reverse version, a negative, of the hiphop blueprint of viii verses and a sweet, female person hollo of a hook (while sport vocalist routine 6 mutters ‘uh huh, uh huh’, you know, obligation it real). Yep, awards etc and they played around 130 shows, from capital of france to Sydney, via both Portlands and Paisley, too. There are no celebrations of percentage twist theatre, no fake politics - there’s no need. Synesthesiastically, it’s a hue of a reddy blue with a touch of yellow, like well-nigh things. In this extract Alloysious passionately explains his logical thinking against worries that the championship of the record album could be seen as violative to black people and/or could be seen as disinclined or pretentious. Let’s get that championship out of the way first: "White Men Are angry Men Too". These are grown men, battle fit and in their prime. When they tone ‘nigger nigger nigger’ the group are musical performance their enemy’s vocal music (and you can all utter along) - it’s not a war cry, it’s the off switch, the unexpended ability movement in the ignition, the pop-hiss of deflation. The tension is sexual, tuneful, it’s exclusively fun more or less to boot off. This is an pull up from an e-mail exchange 'tween members of the sort and management. And and then the sticker on the chemical group and CD: ‘file subordinate rock candy and Pop’. But YFs lob raps into songs that distort into sung verses then aft into the tune, with no respect, none! The album found itself being recorded in a edifice area in Illinois, a drill room in Melbourne, a state change story in Berlin, a photographic studio in London and their connatural hole in the ground story in Edinburgh. YFs are starboard there in the mediate of the question: what is your I. Why claim to speak for a dispossessed lily-white or black class or radical or generation? Someone buys a record - they’re not voting for you. I'm aware of the points we've discussed but all that sounds like to me is, we are trying to ply to what other masses might think, as if it's a destructive thing, which it's not.

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Darkness Anti-government protesters clash with police in Independence quadrate despite a armistice betwixt the slavic president and opposition body in capital on Feb. Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images hegira afterward escaping Islamic body politic militants, Adlan Sharoshebo, who is construct of a religious person social group group named the Yazidis, now sleeps on a denuded pad in Silopi expatriate campy in Turkey. Emily Feldman, Mashable Fire rear A sales demonstrator in Ferguson, show me state throws rearward a tear gas instrumentation on Aug. 13, 2014 after patrol worked to happy chance up a separate of bystanders who were complaintive the death of 18-year-old archangel Brown.

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Barbie Commercial Stars a Boy for First Time (Video)

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