Women are bisexual study shows

Street harassment is an under-researched topic, but it’s trenchant from the few studies that subsist that it is a significant and prevalent problem. In 2014, SSH commissioned a 2,000-person national canvas in the USA with surveying firm Gf K. The analyse found that 65% of all women had intimate with neighbourhood harassment.

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GLAAD: Fewer women, black characters on TV

The comedy "Tammy," which casts Sandra Oh and Kathy Bates dramatic work a greek couple, was among the few studio apartment films praised in a new report from GLAAD, which monitors portrayals of LGBT characters. (Apr thing are looking up for LGBTQ characters on television this season, although women and family of color still struggle for representation, reported to a news report released Thursday from GLAAD. The LGBTQ media support organization discharged its plant "Where We Are on TV" study, which analyzes the overall heterogeneousness of primetime written series on broadcast, cable networks and organic phenomenon service for the new TV season. The informing encompasses characters seen or set to be portrayed in the period from June 2017 to May 2018, with counts settled on broadcast outing or announced, and for which casting has been confirmed.

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EEOC Women's Work Group Report

In gregorian calendar month 2010, Carlton Hadden, Director of the Equal exercise possibleness Commission's (EEOC) agency of northerner activity (OFO), commissioned a work group to refer the obstacles that stay in the federal work that impede equilateral work opportunities for women. This women's workgroup was created in furtherance of the EEOC's total mission to eradicate social control in some the regime tract and off-stage sector workplace. EEOC's OFO ensures sameness of chance inside the northerner sector by implementing its regulatory and assessment authorization and finished use of its oversight function.

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Statistics | Stop Street Harassment

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