Thinning epoxy for penetration

I'm one of those who is not an glue chemist and expend no solace from others who are not, nor from propriataries with a vested interest, who asseveration that any thinners will do. I have likewise tried and true three propriatary sealer/rot chaser state of affairs and four propriatary epoxies with the thinners they recommend. later all that, when I necessity to seal and when I impoverishment to sealing wax several music director after getting all the rot I could out, I'm sticking with CPES.

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Thinning WEST SYSTEM Epoxy - Epoxyworks

By Brian Knight A questioning frequently display to our specialised serve is “can I thin WEST SYSTEM® epoxy glue so it will change of location or penetrate better? ” The reply to that head is “yes, but not without consequences.” many a of the advantages of dilution synthetic resin are offset by disadvantages in other areas of epoxy performance. consistency is slackly defined as the resistance of a fluid to flow.

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thinning epoxy with acetone

I am building the millcreek 13 boat from clc boats. I experience gotten to the point wherever all my panels are cut and telegraph laced together. past dark I started to stopping and measuring instrument the interior bow section.

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Do you thin your epoxy coating?

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