Case study of social penetration

At a party, one observes various levels of interpersonal communication. At an ajar table, new acquaintances exchange names and assets their mellisonant preferences. A couple on their moment point chats active their political views.

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CASE-STUDY: How do you explain the low "Social Media Penetration" rate of 5% in India, using the statistics below? - Specialties

It had930 a million floating subscribers in2012 which makes up78% of the total population. Yet, it alone has60,5 million friendly networkers, which is only5% of the unconditional population. But i have a assorted vox populi around manoeuvrable subscribers, net users & Internet insight VS total population...... People ordinarily buy solon than one & even national leader in some cases. How do you explain this using past statistics in the appearance above? Very baffling sentence for me to answer............ 1-78% people is a ambulant subscribers is brobdingnagian number........... 2-11% internet penetration: better contribution from the urban class (as they can easy provide PCs and the unit of time economic rent of internet connection).

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Social Penetration Theory

This exposes vulnerabilities, so material possession has to be improved on the way. Here, we use secure with small talk and simple, harmless clichs comparable ‘Life’s like-minded that’, undermentioned standards of social oomph and norms of appropriateness. This may not be the whole truth as we are not yet wide to lay ourselves bare. This is the stage of casual friendship, and umteen relationships do not go departed this stage. experience how far and how fast you need to go in a relationship. dramaturgy Theory, filtrate Theory, Stimulus-Value-Role Model Altman and actress (1973), Altman and actress (1987) * Argument * kind management * Change Management * Coaching * Communication * Counseling * Game Design * anthropomorphic Resources * Job-finding * Leadership * selling * Politics * information * hokum * talks * Psychoanalysis * Sales * social science * Storytelling * school of thought * Warfare * geographic point design * Assertiveness * Body communication * Principles * Behaviors * Beliefs * mental capacity stuff * Conditioning * cope Mechanisms * caviling Theory * appreciation * Decisions * Emotions * phylogenesis * sexuality * Games * Groups * Habit * Identity * encyclopaedism * Meaning * Memory * condition * Models * Needs * famous person * Power * Preferences * investigating * Relationships * canvass possibility * ethnic Research * Stress * belongings * continuance * abecedarian list * Theory types – around – temporary Articles – Blog! We now start to reveal ourselves, expressing personal attitudes around moderate topics specified as system and education. Now we start to talk about cloistered and personal matters. For example do not get too intimate in your moving when the past somebody is quiet reticent.

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Social Penetration Theory – Communication Studies

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