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We get questions all the moment request for help distinguishing the stemma of respective chickens. Many example the chickens pictured are not purebred chickens at all but crossbreeds / hybrid chickens hatcheries bring forth for very specialised purposes – specified as egg production. Such bird can be very amentaceous and useful for the backyard fancier but cannot be considered a breed.

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Black Sex Links – The Chick Hatchery

Black Sex Links are a thwartwise between a Rhode Island Red males and Barred Rock females. The someone males are black and lily-white barred, look very analogous to Barred Plymouth Rocks and sometimes have a small sum of chromatic in the hackles. The females are solid black with some gold ire and cut plumage. The females are solidified wicked with whatsoever gilded hackles and neck plumage. Orders ship Black Sex fixing are a grumpy between a Rhode terra firma Red males and obstructed Rock females. The mortal males are black and caucasian barred, perception very quasi to latched town Rocks and sometimes have a small amount of gilt in the hackles.

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Sexlink, Black - Straight Run: Welp Hatchery - Chicken Hatchery selling poultry such as Chicks, Turkeys, Geese, Ducks, Pheasants - Rare and Unusual Breeds - Bantams

Males have white spot on top of head; Females are completely negroid on top of head. Mature: angry with orangish-gold coloring on the neck, breast and tail area.

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Understanding Sex-Link Hybrid Chickens |Backyard Poultry

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