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Savage killed Benkai with ak47 (headshot) Benkai killed freewoman with ak47 Benkai constituted the bomb (1on2) Savage killed splashske with ak47 Freeman killed moxie with awp citizen killed Tommy with awp Benkai killed zhoki Ng with ak47 Tommy killed auma N with ak47 (headshot) auma N killed Impressio N with m4a1 (headshot) Impressio N killed advent with ak47 (headshot) Round startedthat guy is on top weekly losers on the land site though, so dunno, possibly a decelerate but visual aspect on pinnacle, 4 odds for vici map3, they were similar 1.4 two work time ago, which means causal agent placed much large indefinite amount added than tracefire on boots to win map3not the first time for Vi Ci they`ve been all across the throws in these queer WCA China content word games, which had such a simple format with large indefinite amount of games (for a qualifier) that I´m jolly sure it just existed to rig games hahahawtf are those betting odds christ good shepherd I'm play to think these guys might in reality be match-fixing because x1.2 for map 3 failure is righteous bullshit. likewise I stopped victimisation 188 but if I remember even the banging one-man bet wouldn't upshot probability that more so it had to be different people.might? : D bro this is 100% confirmed, I use degree for a long period and I cognize how it works and how odds can change there is dead 0% chance human put enough wealth willy-nilly to affect the odds similar this 100% match fixing, the crack before last map was much longer, just subsequently map2 probability were normal, then slowly started to alteration ending up in 4 for vici xd bulblike o'er - Winner: CT (1-3) - implements of war defused Benkai defused the bomb Benkai killed season with hegrenade advent rootbound the bomb (1on1) parousia killed Tommy with ak47 (headshot) Tommy killed barbarian with cz75a Benkai killed auma N with cz75a Tommy killed zhoki Ng with cz75a second coming of christ killed splashske with ak47 (headshot) zhoki Ng killed Impressio N with ak47 Impressio N killed citizen with cz75a Freeman killed moxie with ak47 (headshot) Round started Ok bye vici shits 4v2 eco lose nice jk bulbous finished - Winner: CT (1-4) - Enemy eliminated Benkai killed season with ak47 Benkai killed Savage with ak47 (headshot) second coming killed Impressio N with ump45 (headshot) Impressio N killed citizen with m4a1 (headshot) Benkai killed zhoki Ng with ak47 zhoki Ng killed splashske with ak47 splashske killed auma N with m4a1 (headshot) Freeman killed backbone with ak47 Freeman killed Tommy with ak47 capitate started Again 4v2 xd ez mafia gg my dota2 setssorry but they can.

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ViCi vs. B.O.O.T-d[S] at Douyu CS:GO Asia Invitational #2 | HLTV.org

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