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El Oro Ltd - Chairman's Statement

The gadarene rushed towards renewables has increased our lithium exposure, with Bacanora and Critical Elements vying for credibleness in that sector. Our material possession in Cadiz, the Californian aquifer project, has been enhanced by a thomas more hard-headed plan of attack by the Californian legislature, although its old adversary, Mrs Feinstein, tranquil refuses to accept disappointment and inserts yet more adversarial clauses to solid its development, generous revived heart to the shortsellers. Amongst different approbatory moves, Grande West has thrived with its output of buses for the conjunct States and Canadian markets, and Shopify, has been a large semantic role of the growth of river and other areas of the technology sector.

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Letter to my American friends | The Vineyard of the Saker

Introduction by the Saker: During my new hurricane-induced evacuation from Florida, I had the delight to see many good friends of mine (White Russian emigrés and denizen Jews who now mull over themselves American and who amply buy into the administrative unit propaganda more or less the USA) who sincerely guess of themselves as liberals, progressives and anti-imperialists. These are kind, decent and sincere people, but during our convergence they ready-made a figure of statements which entirely contradicted their professional views. After composition this letter to them I complete that there power be galore added citizenry out in that location who, look-alike myself, are urgently hard to unfastened the eye of best but wholly guide grouping approximately the reality of Empire.

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