The James Kalm Report: The Plot Thickens
The Plot Thickens
Scott Espeseth
Art Guerra
Thomas Seely interviews Doug Young on Break Through Radio.
Working Together
Peter Fagundo
Doug Young
SUGAR represents Brooklyn in Sweden
Works of Art
David B. Frye
Kymia Nawabi

Further out in Brooklyn, in Bushwick, is Sugar, a gallery housed in Gwendolyn Skaggs apartment. The artist explains how she set up a gallery in the hallway outside his bread job and took it home when she lost the job. The new corner is painted white but thought otherwise as "an alternative to alternative." An irritating but attractive intimacy develops when an unusual dedication offered / demanded. First, to set up that tour, then to the somewhat rough neighborhood find the anonymous bell and rallied for a private conversation about the oncoming art. This strange mix of exclusivity and generosity creates a tense situation, where the issue is free and responses are often uncomfortable.
Now, these two painters in the tense relationship - David B. Fryes folklore naive deal with bigotry and Kymi Nawabis dimmed sharpened depiction of gray area between the extremes of pleasure and pain. Two disparate expressions selected for their drive to make an issue about the double standard policy, race and sexuality. Exhibition thesis that the dialogue becomes more efficient of friction is deliberately provocative, but - yes, it works.

In New York's maelstrom of sensory abundance is the ability to drive wedges of focused calm, with a critical approach can take shape. On the establishment's street too often seen a bloated economy expand the arts in size over the tank. A man who instead must generate their own room are taking a risk by giving more back. These sites form an infrastructure that weaves together the viewer, works and city in ways that create new and deeper meaning.
Charles Schultz, The Brooklyn Rail
Ace of Spades
"...The ace of spades, which had previously been the least valuable card, became the highest card in the deck."
Julia Morton Now On
Love and Freedom
Love and Freedom
Digital Heroine
Hayley Hara
A Matter of Life and Death
Digital Heroine
Ken Madore
A Matter of Life and Death
L Magazine
A Matter of Life and Death
DIMOW- I'm not against Chelsea
I just don't understand why "Against Chelsea" had to be stated. And I loathe it when all of the Bushwick art spaces are placed under the rivalry umbrella. I don't care for that language, or, to be a part of any "community" that chooses to "capitalize" on it.
The New Criterion
James Panero writes on the Bushwick art scene.
Jimmy Miracle interview
International Arts movement
Bushwick Yearbook
A visual diary of the places and faces in Bushwick. A documentation of an ever changing and growing artists hub.

Art exhibition fuels US-Cuba thaw The exhibition aims to help bring the two countries closer together, amid signs of a new era in relations.
By Michael Voss
BBC News, Havana
N.Y. art exhibit takes Chelsea to Havana Artist Doug Young takes his art to Havana.