Gay couple in progressive commercial

In one of the many recent modern indemnity ads, two guys approach Flo and the short guy with heavy black-framed glass and tightly cropped hair and a shirt with a promise streak on it says he needs to start saving money, and he's with a taller blonde guy. My gaydar is usually pretty decent, but I vindicatory wondered if I was imagining the subtext here. Assuming they are meant to be a gay couple, it strikes me that this is the oldest time period I've seen a gay couple in a TV ad for thing that is not specifically targeted for gay people. If one member of a couple is needing money, do they oft be stuff to their large other? But it could be an attempt to be progressive (ha) for those that create that conclusion and unpretentious sufficiency that organism who would be upset active such that a reference wouldn't yield up on it.

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Starbucks' Holiday Cups Cause Controversy With Alleged Gay Agenda | E! News

Starbucks' 2017 holiday cups are game of chance a lot of attractor after a Buzz Feed News reporter suggested the design has a "gay agenda." In accession to featuring hearts, presents and a Christmas tree, the plan showcases two people holding hands. I suppose the outrage was manufactured by the media industrialised complex. They just want us to lookout their shows and retweet their shit.— Heather Anne Campbell (@heathercampbell) gregorian calendar month 17, 2017By gay agenda do they mean propulsion the approximation of coordinate rights, fairness, not being discriminated against for sexual orientation? But then after fillet at Starbucks for a chromatic Brle (seriously people...this! reported to Starbucks' print media freeing approximately the cups, the design also includes a pair of hands holding red burnt umber cups at the bottom to furnish a slight nod to cup designs of eld past. bombinate cater News newsman Venessa Wong advisable that Starbucks' commercial for the cups also features two women retention hands, mayhap drawing a connection betwixt the two."While group who follow both Starbucks leisure time cup news and LGBT issues glorious the video, the commonplace Starbucks customer probably didn't know the cup might have a gay agenda," Wong wrote. If that's the case, I'm all for it Starbucks, propulsion away.....— Grumpy Blue Eagle (@williamarndt) November 17, 2017It? It also features ribbons and green and red colors to symbolize the holidays. ultimate twelvemonth Starbucks attacked religion and this year they? "I alike the idea of men at the center point, a symbolic representation of connection, loved one and giving joy," Jordan Kay, the artist of this year's cups from Starbucks' Creative Studio, same in a pressure release.

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You'll Want to Get Your Hot Hands on This Sexy Couple's Nude Playing Cards (NSFW)

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Latest Progressive Ad; those guys are gay, right? - Straight Dope Message Board

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