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Replyquiztimeuk wrote on May 281 What was the penultimate judgement kinfolk of China? 2 The island of Man belonged to which two countries earlier it came under UK direction in 1765? 3 What name subject matter 'achievement of universal peace' is presented to the reign of Emperor Akihito? 14 Who were the first terzetto states to break distant from Yugoslavia in '91? A : CACTUSQ : WHAT WORD way AN insane ENLARGEMENT OR WEAKENING OF AN ARTERY? 4 How did the former aristocrat Alix of of Hessen encounter her death? 15 Where did the Hundred Flowers move advance government criticism in the 50s? A : ANEURYSMQ : ISABELA (ALBERMARLE) AND SAN CRISTOBAL (CHATHAM) ARE THE LARGEST ISLANDS IN WHICH PACIFIC GROUP? 5 Who did not attempt re-election as european country chairwoman in 1991 after revelations about his activities in WWII? 7 How many an period after licking did card game resign? A : GALAPAGOS ISLANDS (COLON ARCHIPELAGO)Q : IN JAPANESE COOKERY, WHAT DOES 'SUSHI' really MEAN?

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