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Very good info on gut stasis and other digestive issues - Bibble's Bunny Sanctuary

Often when a rabbit has a canal (GI) disorder, the someone will immediately assume "stasis," or what is more decent titled channel hypomotility. I believe this is because for the historic 10-15 long time or so location has been a lot of emphasis on GI hypomotility by umpteen run organizations and others in the rabbit community. However, in that location are umpteen separate intestinal disorders as well, much with similar symptoms, and it is critical that the rabbit caretaker discover to distinguish among them.

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How to Care for a Baby Wild Rabbit (with Pictures) - wikiHow

Preparing a Place for the Rabbits Planning to food the Rabbits consumption a Newborn Bunny Providing Bunnies with external time period Transitioning Rabbits Outdoors international organization Q&A With the chaotic rabbit population accelerative in city-born areas, the probability of discovering a nest of infant rabbits is high than e'er these days. Unfortunately, nests that materialize abandoned are frequently not, and disorderly baby rabbits removed from their nests by person are unlikely to make it without the care of a vet or skilled wildlife rehabilitator. In many states, it is extrajudicial to caution for unquiet rabbits unless you are a authorised rehabilitator.

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