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A One Note notebook is reorganized into sections and pages, and it’s easy to make them colorful. A One Note notebook ne'er runs out of pages, the pages never run out of space, and you can add as many an sections as you want.

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Add a picture for user account - Microsoft Community

Original title: Homegroup individual side view embodiment Hi everybody! once I changed rearmost to a local account, it loses the picture again. My husband started from a live-Id account and switched to a anaesthetic agent account, but his mental picture is still there. Our homegroup is running fine, but once I open the homegroup, in that respect is a "Avatar" or "Profile-Picture" of my husbands account. But not the duplicate as on his Windows 8 profile, it must be one of his Live-ID profile pictures! If I change to a Live-ID account, it Shows up my profile-picture in the homegroup folder.

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How to create a new user account in Windows 8

Windows 8 allows multiple users to part the one and the same expert using diametrical accounts. This allows each user to have got their own location where they can store personal information such as documents, pictures, videos, saved games, and other files so that they are not mixed in with the files of some other users on the said computer. Having duple accounts too plays a strong theatrical role in Windows Security.

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Add sections and pages - OneNote

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