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[Verse 1: Cmoney] Damn, why she shit up on my shit Damn, she shitted on my gumshoe Damn, why she bm up on my shit Damn, she was travel and started farting I was wish "what the fuck is you farting" She aforesaid "nah bitch why you lying" Then I seen drops coming out her ass Damn she farted on my detective blame and so she shitted everlasting that's a combo violent death shit cunt vociferation me Rambo Bitch nasty why she buncombe up on my dick Bitch nasty with a awful clitoris blamed now I got a hateful dick Damn Bitch was moving and she farted Came to the party and she perception good Got to the room and she licked it good She pulled downcast her noise and I was like Ughhh Damn, you scrofulous Damn, that unpleasant woman was ugly All I seen was her from behind That ass was so big yeah it caught my eyes But damn, she farted on my peter Damn, she shitted on my stool Man that's whatever fucked up shit Man she farted on my dick She sharted on my shit, fam You a nasty bitch inclement hoe oh nasty hoe You a nasty hoe go and wash your pussy hoe Damn, she farted on my putz She shitted on my turd She shitted on my bull Never fuck with wit I'm ne'er congress with her again Never ever e'er ever so ever man ever so ever ever ever That complain smell same smokey on weekday Taking a bullshit on my peter difficulty is you disturbed I should slap the canid Ooh Ugh That's a foul bitch I can't even natural event this song inception I'm so fucking sick man In a powerful song told in the first person and uniquely utilizing both present-tense and past-tense, Cmoney describes a char defecating on his member during the act of intercourse and payoff to set forth the events superior up to that point. As he reminisces, he has multiple revelations that unconditioned reflex him back to the present, wherever his surprise at the woman’s defecation turns into daze and anger and he begins to criminate the womanhood and declares that he will never have intercourse with her ever again and that his disgust is so industrial-strength that he cannot decorativeness the song. “She Shitted On My Dick (Freestyle)” is a delightfully ahorse and inspiring song around screening your true emotions, wish anger, and why that is okay.

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Title: Ass intercourse fart Description: Muscular man is coitus his adult female hard in the asshole. He creampied her clinched ass by mistake…at the end she tried to poop that cum but she farted loud.

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Cmoney2423 – She Shitted On My Dick (Freestyle) Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

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