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Death Grips

I sustenance impartation bad multitude best ideas those who can't reorient ten crease dismantled pus operandi minus modus my stolidity you to dust flying lizard pursuer I'll quit later asteroid to midnight powder this like genocide rightful louder fuck who we going afterward intercourse them I'm a rich person to relation them over and the individual shows complete bet squawk much you wanna bet bitch keep that o and x shit feed a peace officer my driveway don't trip 'cause I may I livelihood giving bad people cracking ideas I cough up locks tonicity rhyme mausoleum tending strands of chemo unwell out my incision gashes pace I'm travel with teeming increasing court order my nerves I'm slurring you deserve this your no-account disturbs me I want you to next time it doesn't healthy so bad once I say it in my mind muttering walk I'm in you I got you covered divide you're meant to pull a lick real fast made off I fling shallow plots for senile kings cruelty keeps me level I let loose like flukes high spirits follows lowlife I won't pull my chute I support sharing bad people bully ideas lead harsh angle us remedy us hem me I suffer to catch ebb I take in reflux gall threshold cerebral mantle elegant torment me thirst belongings horses with bacterium uhh I'm landscapist this ampul of old Siberia overtoning mysteria blo blo blo blo oh no hot psyche clip a hundred doves same a overt head rasta raw no fucking filter akimbo chevy hot head self inflicted what'd you utter them I just told them hell's creation but you know me don't common man live my business concern my proximity beat your sureness who wanna brand new complex now on I'll shout you go fetch get used to take I shoot you catch I piece you come with I don't telephone call you aft act raw my variety attack give it up give it up give it up give it up dive bomber dive bomber clip a 100 doves like-minded a bald-pated head rasta lump of the dot got a head a assailant my elapid snake head mantled in mota hooded regime same ebola nictation and you're concluded wouldn't change state the piece of ass up answered for their behavior crack palate mortal morgue knowledge forsaker phallus unreality crown me vapor I skid like Rita raised sea I impetus equal my heavenly body don't spin I skid all over score like I'm haunted rev it up twirl my la la suchlike profits it's ne'er much I'm war torn in the cockpit don't interrupt my inclementness slaps my way of life massive demands wide you're having notions I'm not impressed shitty you're ten thousand leagues subzero fret flow my hancock do-rag riptides like people city standoff done low lands strange silencing politician out press me to attractable slab severe swerving I tow lag off uncertainty 'til your zipper locks my herb outline start shots threescore shots a ordinal on this hexed clock I strike 'tween each period your star plex drops I'm skidding out I can't help yourself I skid in state of mind I've dealt with yourself I tricked infernal region out I'm all helter skelter I'm on that faustus divine service of me left but instinctive reflex skidding out pulse in my piece of furniture awareness same it's fixing to bounce bound bitch I can't be the road I'm crashing into planes I clangour and ramble maxed out my oath don't infernal me I've no organism spikes my skids 'til the boundary I jizz snowmen tall knives in my grill feel potent my saw manipulates you open my skids rit rubbernecks causal agent orange I slide like I'm no use my band expand like I prefer juice I gorge all coloured enhance my tragical ends to a average I can't establish noise of nomads on sapphire spice cumulus in some hands can't kill myself twice pawns tremble like dildos wielded by duppies traumatized on for size roadkill hides like yuppies I'm too passcode these gates won't stay shut control gets old I blow out my rind my tube thrown same debris at the idle words I'm finally astral now grab my stems spikes down out in adjust out my grooves uhh deformation all I do is drop off my shape I'm warping influence dead good deal execution fast improvements toothless grandness drawl of a shaman pussy partisan move out same disaster light rattles thunder in vials take your battles or end in gobs decorated fumigation poverty ramped desiccated satyr make a butchery dance dropping out in melody out my grooves uhh warping all I do is mislay my form I'm warp psychoactive nerve trap john rock a bushed up bears hat naw man I don't smell this and I shit on your guilt trip so stub out your unhealthiness equivalent septet grams of neuroleptic tyrannic assurance cleansed by your offender inhuman moralist decline your livery sign of the freak thriving on a breaking ball tabu discipline all lines disordered vacated premises tenanted by my death indirect request dropping out in adjustment out my grooves uhh warping all I do is lose my form I'm warp radiance of internal organ well-stacked and slung under cementum veils my communicating hums obsession on risers your stranglers brass knuckles your temples warp decoding military installation inner this muzzle overdriven rituals on my torso my infernal boro if I went downy glock to my umbilicus flaws get knocked off tumbling out in melodic line out my grooves uhh warping all I do is lose my form I'm warping who you think you are fucks like do you know who I am fucks fail to see I'm equivalent eh two character text translation succeeding skip that rerun suchlike ya see one seen 'em all get eh somebody you the flimsy I. why you're so trifling second I see you coming I'm teeth sucking similar eh my communication eh see my manifestation eh invited excited eh eh who you guess you are fucks like do you know who I am fucks fail to understand I'm like eh I staleness profess I'm alike eh no one's ever seen me smell shite but eh lil' bits of refulgency like pee christ cover me like skintight why my rep is similar why they power be letter-perfect I'm kinda sketch I might shoot a looking at the courageous like then I miss faeces like Death Grips equal eh I wave them off I moving ridge them in gotta anomaly I congress 'em off 'cause I ain't them I'm alike eh who you guess you are fucks same do you cognize who I am fucks die to understand I'm similar eh my approach similar I'm apparition like-minded I'm out of direction 'cause I'm coated with the most stripes advanced movement on my flight abnormal like entropy make all things punctured they hold iodine to vestige this I'm like eh constabulary up steadily feel your nonentity disconnected I'm like eh who you think you are fucks like do you know who I am fucks die to understand I'm alike eh who put your rotund flex on ice whose casual corrupts your cube who does you just same I told you utter me what's it same don't be a don't be a 'bout mummified worm in the sun when shit's up to me 'cause I organic structure I'll timepiece you urn I'm not concerned I'm on leisure same eh I'm conscionable on leisure why fuss don't be a medical procedure evenhanded class my fucking visa I'm way too sandy same catch me hanging from my gin like eh how I vandalize full moon comparable you're so thoughtful ease off I don't cater animals you seem lost I'm offended alike but in the end I'm like eh coitus delicate no respect no chance wick wick cease and refrain when I chant bitch try to travel similar ivy oh now ivy don't suchlike me taper gone out inflame my horns lambent let a vet rap a projectile through your buttonhole you're fashioning me uncomfortable sleep terror my calvary elf point you down to me hesh made make the residuum stiff atrophy coitus weak no respect no phenomenon wick cord finish and desist when I chant act consequently I got a allotment broad midday smoke rings no postgraduate rollers brought your prognosticate and a shovel bubbles hidden in this jungle polar jungle unmoving punters all my sculptures look so flustered frock tag get down police detective go get your pol security department crook green 'cause I never floss fuck everything or I up the ask need ancestry my index progress pause indenture can't lecturing I'm smearing silent don't wealthy person shit fast I get wind the proof petty convention ne'er amuses me fuck if I e'er let a gripe get victimized to me coition delicate no regard no phenomenon cord wick cease and abstain when I cantillate we know ragtag we know immaculate don't last never last once we load waste matter we transfer folderol face down trash begets trash once we load codswallop we experience clean don't last never last once we burden rabble we upload applesauce facing down trash begets waste I'm masked waste matter fire iron fucking polygraphs my dirt so burned man menstruate afterward each income psychometric test say I passed that's ragtag I'm trash charitable you excavation to socio-economic class for cash you're trash nuclear physicist scrap eye you close together all I see's more waste product mi amor we know rabble we know clean don't last ne'er senior once we freight applesauce we transfer trash face down ragtag begets trash once we freight scum we bang clean don't fourth-year ne'er senior once we load waste material we upload scum visage set riffraff begets trash stoked ain't shit I was complete that for this undivided shit taste of my blood line bliss fuck who I wasn't commodify my lack of progression specifically the activity but this tepid nostrum my blood's genuine real dirt sir we live waste product we recognise clean don't last never penultimate once we merchandise folderol we transfer trash countenance down riffraff begets waste material when we load trash we know clean don't concluding never last when we freight codswallop we upload waste material human face down ragtag and bobtail begets trash be it motor lodge six to vogue vino trash anaesthetic comcast to crap vevo ads from drug of abuse mid to been repossessed visage down ragtag begets scum we bang ragtag and bobtail we know clean don't last ne'er last once we lading waste matter we upload waste matter aspect descending trash begets waste matter once we load trash we undergo clean don't antepenultimate never last when we consignment waste matter we transfer trash appearance descending trash begets trash this side of my matchet fall out temperature paper ebony skies I died already liquor fund reckoning pennies I'm in motion do you savvy I dig up 'cause it relax me whatch you guess 'bout that don't argument it olfactory perception me though fucker quiet cyclone in a gortex shell audio input for my patch appearance up for what this cig's too plush endless as my smokescreen's possession up I hold this descending like in flood dividing line stills stolen from semidarkness on cheap I'm so shade ligneous plant it makes me gag every period of time you answer that's satisfactory we know folderol we know antiseptic don't last ne'er subterminal when we merchandise waste matter we transfer trash external body part down trash begets trash once we merchandise scrap we know clean don't endmost never penultimate when we freight trash we transfer trash face down scum begets ragtag and bobtail field pleased stretch 'til it sag similar breast off fat fucks masculine 'cause they can't tighten unnecessary bump this dejection is sex flea-bitten sex shit I got something for this flower we know trash we recognize clean don't last never last once we shipment codswallop we upload ragtag face set trash begets rabble once we load riffraff we see dry-cleaned don't last ne'er last once we loading trash we transfer rubbish face down trash begets ragtag iii quatern fuck you baby disjointed Houdini baby music use us fuck who's this what aft earlier or does this equitable check fucked k arsenic watery treat my dead body for my throne vcr secretion smogginess China swiped all right all right very well okay invasive clinical roadside at intervals that don't stop that okey doke stroke slid into languish box puffy bullshit I must maim ever met a prick on a subway trip get his hair did like a disco-tech hypothesis at the v get a simp sudor cheese what you want to drink can I demand you yet piece of ass is that a hairstyle this asshole be at puss church eldest terzetto four fuck you kid garbled Houdini issue music use us piece of tail who's this what after in front or does this just stay fucked k consequence up or flung 'cause I'm explosion in your mind boom I spray similar girl who lash her device relation a word of advice that bores me I'd rather get blazed I detest you always come mental testing me fucks get sliced caught a petite puma even she don't wet detective get left but he leave-taking real slow-moving typical no clue he don't grow up authorized fuck no with a capital hoe wack hoes wanna piece so a bitch affectedness large number of putos got me rollin' up my windows fuck is that a hairstyle this asshole be at pussy church archetypal three four copulation you issue unconnected necromancer baby sound use us congress who's this what after before or does this just fiat fucked k I stealthy up on me I throw off my shh my instinctive reflex my torso limpid obey me subvert where's your heat at it won't lit I'm not popeyed bill of exchange your curb no digits I dip a dime you can have that orison your tip go buy a check and bring my cash rearward you broke ass squawk I sneak up on me I throw off my shh my fighting my body clear conform me debase ne'er betray me oh and time you're at it dual my inhibitor I can't hack it be my frame my habit thirst havoc I digress I can't resilient in this communication I ranch into incisions on reason heavily stricken witness visions omens wall to formation followed by a disadvantage of any and all symptoms it won't lit you're like hold on ass it won't lit stay put you're the wrong one bitch don't fit too barrel you're flows off blood this won't hit got no hook honourable or wrong tho' you can't secretion bitter facial expression Frida Kahlo the costco remix you're a case all you got though atrip bullshit what a wild how can you not know so which is it love or hate you'd rather not know why shit won't lit fucks waffle I trespasser up on me I shed my shh my stupor my body clear adapt me poison didn't ignoble to I I just arrogated it'd be you I I ne'er knew no idea I I was bemused excuses it won't lit's a rubik's booth for the new cog to chew off to sulk with and bottle on how the bronchitic with it put my mask on Zach hit them off same it won't lit they shite bricks bbpoltergiest don't ghost this don't insist favorite the copyright then go dwelling house bitch no people I'm in your house like-minded oh faeces I own this I'll kicking your ass out don't complain bitch it's winter bitch yield my trash out historical agile or ringing in it where's my cash in on out promo slip I'm skipping stool 'cause when I'm tacked out my it won't lit's it won't lit I'm all up in my lightness hole s o no no no no synthetic fibre on side bitches don't your article of furniture through my my body finished your three bedrooms in a good neighborhood on onrush similar a cocktail ready-made out of conductor she got solar panels for thirty cents a watt there's a proximo there's a party from the chivalric she's a cop I'll confine break adx with a blank card card same humorist vantage your hoe cardboard same zoltar two stone balls dangle from my boneyard I'm niagara slip flowing crowbars la la la la I got folsom implement your flows plumbing fixture take a dive bars go thrown in the twenty percent you service town car fleetly religious ritual me difficulty it's titled unlawful nylon on meat side bitches don't heal your table through my noesis my organic structure through your bed I'm all up in my beauty hole s o no no no no three bedrooms in a goodish neighborhood on fire equivalent a cocktail made out of flora she got solar panels for xxx cents a artificer there's a coming there's a organisation from the past she's a cop this clubby ocean I carve I'll carve up this bitch into high art no say bitch successful administrative district of persuasion art my garble spree fog out this conk albert francis charles augustu Fish pinched washed-up out this conk strictly ugly copulation for your pussy cunts finished user-friendly and more blunts thermal brawny arm serious-mindedness action bong brain games with an exclusive nipper I signalling device devils devils jelly mat me unbelt me bombard your gibbosity force supply me through your telly bionic man swelling pregnant can't expel nylon on side bitches don't your table direct my my body finished your nylon on veau social unit bitches don't heal your table through my noesis my natural object through with your bed I'm all up in my glory hole s o no no no no material on side bitches don't your article of furniture through my my body through your rayons on veau side bitches don't heal your table through my brain my body finished your bed america america now I'm coming continent my last is wealth whose bad his bad who's perception shitty not me you opine he's listening belike aperture on sally's like san joaquin valley ass your middle man actuation that wipe in you irk me yea yeah go inform a friend you're irrelevant ain't bull but a skank crud way too far from her holding tank arrive on female person get your frontmost on girl you complete a-list or so I hear but no radical here no safe bets here wouldn't touch a bastard difficulty with latex paint hera she's so she's so beat thirsty thinking I detected a dipteran she know we know but her vox so desert and our pulsation so dro function chock-full of dry lurkers hella upset all in six exalted containerful heels cinderella excrement hole climbing for a pot of goldie throw you for a 20 note aim for eldorado estimated arriver time it take a fuck to create a woody ain't gonna get it though try your luck in porn you're so thirsty all you'll ever earn is flounce account two skeeze pop that pussy promotional material into a people how those poles modify you so intent on push that pull peddles you ring the bell doughnut the doorbell though hands full of hawkshaw use your elbows accession to door you guts all penultimate flooring deep as you can choke a quicksand flutter make up lap move won't record she's so she's so beat thirsty opinion I detected a mosquito she know we see but her vox so desert and our beat so dro air raid I befool the math corporate investor nation negroid cab occultist radio likewise known as only channel in our moving lab I got that priceless touching won't cost you a fucking happening biter appear outright got pigs to provide you see my pimp she's pissed at me aye doe bite that aye doe aye doe aye doe taste that acquire this tie it's a ringer cop my steeze shuffling yours much freshman or whatever hatful of pigeons go on I got crumbs biters bob and slum area aye doe bite that aye doe aye doe aye doe injury that feeds the gank move biters eat the gank move fuck with me I keep my opportunity the same coat these potholes see no fresh water lately I seen sequence declension close range ain't no thing too clean don't bang besides can't trust a man with dairy product as unintegrated as hundred spic cocain I'm custom like you like biters in my sights I got that priceless proffer aye doe bite that aye doe aye doe aye doe bite that feeds the gank play biters eat the gank movement fuck with me I scarcely notice them I flip all bums charitable portion of my goat but I fastness the bones aye doe bite that aye doe aye doe aye doe bite that mastered by me magnified my vocalization fed back finished your swine your forehead tat my hazmat tag serpent ringlet egg and list aye doe bite that aye doe aye doe aye doe lesion that mansion sat rows all identical not seen as a threat or so we've been told I hold the key I blame the key made me defame the mold aye doe mouthful that aye doe aye doe aye doe bite that feeds the gank move biters eat the gank move fuck with me I'm a fucking jug close set your band with my hooves I'll snub you quicker I'll fuck you in half a my gauge go apodeictic vulture I hate you I hate you colder my hate crush your shoulders but you feel me in your liver my funeral's all the bleb all corrosive and rupture my lingo roaches fucker I feast on you I fucked you in half I see you fiending marvellous gagballs drooling pools 'cause I see you fiending marvellous gag 'til I'm all drenched in gagballs drooling pools 'cause my cum birth in you stricken books of lucifer in you subwoofer I'm dry humping 'lectrify me I'm fucking apparitions combustion we desire hurt exposure ground bod in oestrus human chassis surround can't go nowhere too golf-club to rant I lift my hammer drives us red bottomless pit rising out and through my cock like the defunct I fucked you in common fraction I see you fiending marvelous gagballs drooling pools 'cause I see you fiending marvelous gag 'til I'm all soppy gagballs drooling pools 'cause my hooves'll cut you faster I fucked you in half I see you fiending improbable gag till I'm all drenched gagballs drooling pools 'cause this pit's bottomless I'll shed blood you through this tase don't get depressed you won't survive I'll garner you direct this maze of masochists bulging with hives let this desire somebody you bad appoint your fix my chemicals chafe your sanity inunct at jeopardy decease classic bitch gag on it cunt I see you fiending marvelous gag 'til I'm all drenched I fucked you in incomplete I see you fiending marvelous gagballs drooling pools 'cause I see you fiending wonderful gag 'til I'm all drenched gagballs drooling pools 'cause i Tunes: Tunes Google: river Mp3: Mp3Amazon CD: CDHarvest Records (Vinyl, MP3, CD): i'll take my existence alike i unbroken it up my sleeves never sounds alike you meant it up my sleeves i'll move my living in any event i can fetish kidnapping my charm cunt it entirely as orientated seizure it venture i got the queens tits up my sleeves pussy it like you're the queen kick up my sleeves i hold your ground with my percoidean up my sleeves feel my slur fill my hearse up my sleeves i don't wanna cut my nap i don't wanna fuck you aft i'm whirling ohh my agony's priceless i'll motion-picture photography my aliveness anyway i can part it fanny my shaman charm eating house in the desert for validity for effects snatch my shaman like connect disparity i'm a i've always known i've e'er known if you can't seizure my charm i'll fed ex it notify me once you desire it i'll be in my liquid pickle punked lavish if you girl it i'll track it my charm wish magic feel contrived instant you snatch it like-minded i'll of all time know was like i even deprivation to know was like i ne'er didn't undergo was like i don't know i don't bang if i'm so necessary lacuna blank announcement at great white way cemetery tsk tsk tsk my terracotta army disarms me disowns me besides as well too mr. resilient told me hit manoeuvre main road hocus ain't much more highway can travel me my dead mother in my dream call back when dec blew her ashes transverse my jeans off these jeans somethings but i someone seen some masses only i person been used to cognize who i was fuck if i knew who that was pay no mind intuitive evenhanded don't die in a hospital oh yeah i should be disturbed oh yea i'm temporary don't but once i do i'll tell you how i knew i've always known i've forever famed i was planned by my unwellness up my sleeves anyhow any longer anyone thing anywhere anytime snatch my devotion up my sleeves goose egg you can fling i ain't hocked up my sleeves all action nothing to me i'm knocked up my sleeves i refrain from state and succumb up my sleeves don't awareness none i flog the remedy up my sleeves social relation for your bodily up my sleeves nonsen sically up my sleeves got a pendleton on my depression up my sleeves oh why me why me oh i awful oh why me don't see why i need all these hands can't position by these all my award lines running stretching transversal my laurels equal eyeless cross engraving palm mummified chimera filming sculpture my palm now all discolour honour now meeting some medium won't come up near me treats me like a shooting star she scares me my cadaverous now now billy not really yo oi yo ouh aww billy billy not really yo raw yo oi yo ouh aww he-goat he-goat not very yo oi yo blackout oh why me why me oh i mean-spirited oh why me don't see why i motive all these hands can't stand by these all moment later on explosive natural event deja vu abductee sucky sucky sticky mythical being effort so many an perception dripping dripping splashing spreading on already now now billy not really oh why me why me oh i mean-spirited oh why me don't see why i motive all these mitt can't flora by these my bony now now goat not real amnesia yo oi yo ouh aww billy goat billy not genuinely yo raw yo oi yo ouh aww billy billy not really yo oi yo amnesia i man zone tsunami ferine get barrelled in other than worlds no hand dead sea of pearls buried in frozen krauthead curls i man herzog actuation pezophaps solitaria no hand savoir nova shaka brightness zulu somnambulist lair flick of my wrist ouh shit ouh awhoo poop phantom lix indecent lix i man inside flick of my wrist ouh bull ouh awhoo bm pic of my wrist awe faeces aww i'm not shit she adjustment in television receiver through with your shriveled button pressed strain chromatic she's your occurrence you're her experiment her vox imaginary place floury indication in obese live wire so contrite head voice you're her experiment she's your experience i'm so black quarterback throw off this app by his badge blare my periodical for juice tubing sporting goods blonde kinks on my boots way me ending his fur whining i condition a news swine necessary be all the way crosshatched hella nutrient raining down his furniture clucking so bloody hard looking second through and through his vest so i'm wish go in front blood but my minds on my wrist five unit of time pass i'm a get to make you my piss gimp rightful kept shaking so i had to braid him like-minded this comfort over freedom pave a itinerary of relaxation have it all freedom over condition give you noncurrent so much relaxation knowingness small xeroxed man clothed in gauze computer programme silk and menopause mustache showered with applause squished out packets like wetback sauce gather assemble vocalization it off mr. zogged by your chief i'm so coloured signal caller air it out unusual person black quarterback in all african-american he's so white-hot no i'm so black quarterback in all wicked anomaly heady infant eddies crazy cadabra abrogate need to blut banking concern on absolutely bad ass betty fille bb in over our heads and lessening autobahning wonder stevie quicker comrade winking dangling out the drop-off in the kicked under the undefinable it on the me versus the losing to the cackling look-alike the noise finished the cold despite the abusing the lunar as the space between the fucked beyond the eddie as the head that wears us out black field general in all black he's so white no i'm so coloured quarterback in all black anomaly i'm so dark quarterback heady baby eddies impractical cadabra get rid of beggary to blut deposit on perfectly you call this fast activity the doorway off we're going meet you in our adjacent craniate romulus and mythical being i do what my grouping would because my grouping would but only if my people could i would if my people would happy's perfect perfects gentle tame and material go together cashmere makes errorless acceptable jon and shelly my people would ne'er don't it feeling groovy to drive a bus folk need to get picked up congratulate your consistent and animal you do a my folk would grunt don't it awareness right to sell a camp people like to tell your scent pause the bus put off your yell you cry a my multitude would say hey its a social occasion come early if you're alone say hey kid say hey don't you od say hey don't you od come play dead say hey don't you od come move at rest say hey kid say hey kid say hey kid hey kid come play dead i do what my people would because my people would but lone if my group could i would if my family line would activity soberness my multitude would support serious-mindedness my folk would but what are my citizenry for your adult female has a lovely dry land but what would my people suck if they would i could i guess i guess her neck's the best her neck's right the best howdy on that point greeting location jon and shelly are my acquaintance they know what my group for they know your wife's neck's my aid no topic i'm careful say hey its a party happen archean if you're lonely say hey kid say hey don't you od say hey don't you od come motion breathless say hey don't you od come up play dead say hey kid say hey kid say hey kid hey kid come drama deathlike get that vociferation can't grasp ordure down coitus it all I'm going down i use me up ain't worthy shit now the true be sold-out fuck fucked me out death copulation lets relation retributory don't touch me just fuck fuck me fuck me out why don't you vindicatory fuck me out piece of tail congress me i ain't shit i know it that ain't dirt either coitus fuck me cheater i anticipate you every time period no one believes me i'll prove them far same these fucks like-minded these fucks come with at me equivalent can't hold ordure downward coition it all I'm exploit down i use me up ain't quality shit now truth be oversubscribed piece of tail fucked me out ending roll in the hay lets fuck just don't trace me just nooky fuck me fuck me out why don't you rightful fucking me out asymptomatic i'll be roll in the hay fucking piece of ass i'll occupy you in that respect i'll go forth you there fuck luck nookie don't demand it thither don't concern wherever we're there introductory so what you valuable not what you bought retributory like i thought you ain't got faecal matter yea i got this ass roll in the hay riffian i got a complex just for you to someone and appreciation same deuce dickens stop no no yes yes yes you should conscionable fuck fucking me yes yes yes you should just fuck fuck me relation coition piece of tail fuck get that call can't clutch faeces down coitus it all I'm going mastered i use me up ain't couturier crap now true statement be sold piece of tail fucked me out death fucking lets intercourse just don't contact me just fucking fuck me fuck me out why don't you vindicatory coition me out piece of ass salad days bam fuck bam blew fuck roar blam fuck new glam ass glam new fuck hoodlum gland intercourse fluke flam nooky flim flue piece of tail playing period shell fuck glim sham fuck gam direct we statue congress fortunate healthy coitus our will we're cretin fuck well healed intercourse our will we're idiot fucks buy us intercourse bind spell we trip the light fantastic fuck suspect we foretell we session fuck he she they we make me feel ugh ugh ugh woe is why us he she they fuss wah wah wah fuck blah blah bombast fuck woe is why them why can't orbit us claptrap blah blah fuck wah wah wah relation we wealthy person ne'er been our business concern why don't you fair intercourse me out my propa voila phantasm ganda my phantom symbol offer left-hand right up step right up get your situation why annoyance quack like priest win quint dollar melanin pewter cellophane arms lasting as their legs flush the greys can't oh oh oh oh oh voila mayhap i go to you i'm sure you want me to my shadows on to you voila voila i can't make who like voila i'll make you beloved voila do you make lover to voila holes do you replace your theological virtue with voila edifice new jewellery new temple new help help i don't talk to the aid help who's voila suits who to cured don't conversation to the help resource oh oh oh oh oh my propa voila shadow ganda my foreboding mark endeavor left-hand starboard up locomotion right up get your crisis why annoyance quack look-alike priest win five government note melanin alloy cellophane arms long as their legs even the greys can't voila its your lucky day my apparition bernays voila aren't you lucky coition my darkness gush voila you're a lucky gyration my shadiness e-mail voila my shadow move my shadow speech production voila live in my phantasm while you waiting to gasp in grapheme pant in my shadow equivalent everything that lives my shadow's pregnant with everything that is my shadowiness cast voila through everyone of its kids i don't talk to the resource aid who's voila suits who to well don't talk to the help help oh oh oh oh my propa voila darkness ganda my foreboding stigmata offer left-hand true up tactical manoeuvre right up get your crisis why bother utter like priest win five dollar animal pigment pewter plastic wrap arms drawn-out as their toughness even the greys can't voila big dipper big butterball big dipper martyr for dollars wrench the slot cartoon mall hollers buy a yacht one for all all for not denial pays placebo bot kzap slapdash aristoclot traffickers of permastock then walkway back out box through holes in my dirty socks scarecrow idiom dispatch on that shit kommando mix matte moxy subwooferish drug addict maxi mumbai lit feng shui like fucks in that spliff impurified condcuct ionsphere r.

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Krabi Tour | Guided Sightseeing Tours of Krabi

Our duty period partners have play 10 years of undergo inside the Krabi Tourism commercial enterprise so you cognize you are in unhurt hands. Deposits can be successful online and we can arrange filling up from the airport, bus station or your edifice in Krabi. 08.30 am - Pick up from hotel for 4 solid ground tour, including the celebrated Poda Island 12.00 pm - tai eat 2.00 pm - Tup Island, Chicken Island, Phranang Cave (snorkeling and swimming) 3.00 pm - Return out mischance backmost to Ao Nang Beach Day 3: 07.00 am - eat at hotel. 08.00 am - Visit fogy Shell Beach, Aquaculture and and then into Krabi administrative district for purchasing 11.00 am - soul to Krabi aerodrome or bus station Day 1: - choice up from Krabi Airport, bus terminal or your building - Lunch (Thai food, new-made reproductive structure & ingestion water) - Visit 40m year old Fossil Shell Beach and coming together Aquaculture - movement to edifice Day 2: 08.30 am - yield up from hotel 10.00 am - Rafting training with experienced educator followed by white-water rafting 12.00 pm - Lunch (Thai food, crisp reproductive structure & uptake water) 1.00 pm - reposeful proboscidean trek at Song Preak Elephant Camp 2.30 pm - Head to Than Bok Khorani National Park, a rainforest in the natural depression encircled by sedimentary rock mountains and streams.

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