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Monique, mein heisser Schoss Year: 1981 Country: frg Genre: Erotic, fun Quality: VHSRip Language: Original Director: Eddy Saller Starring: Judith Fritsch, prick Garell, pantywaist Weiner, Delia Carsten, Francoise Noir, Edith Kreuzberger, Otti Zluga, Gunter Wolf, Ulf Dieter Kusdas, Werner Ploner, Rudolf Schwarz, painter Grunbaum, Herbert Pendl, Rudy Precht, Erich Schaumberger File Size: ~750MB Resolution: 720x576 Duration: 84 min Format: avi Download Link(s): Monique mein heisser Schoss.part1- 243.5 MB Monique mein heisser Schoss.part2- 243.5 MB Monique mein heisser Schoss.part3- 243.5 MB Jill Alternative Title: Caliente y cruel ? cuento de tortura Year: 1978 Country: Spain / Italy Genre: Feature, Classic, Drama, sexy Quality: DVDRip Language: european country Director: Enrique Guevara Studio: Isidoro Llorca P. Starring: Raquel Evans, Maximo Valverde, Mireia Ros, Daniel Martin, Lynn Endersson, Emma Cohen, Mir Ferry, Jordi Sentis, Ricard Reguant, Africa Mir, Paule Bertrac, Alessandro Ricci filing cabinet Size: ~1150MB Resolution: 720x400 Duration: 99 min Format: avi transfer Link(s): Jill.part1- 225.5 MB Jill.part2- 225.5 MB Jill.part3- 225.5 MB Jill.part4- 225.5 MB Jill.part5- 225.4 MB Lady watch Year: 1987 Country: USA Genre: Erotic, Drama Quality: DVDRip Language: ground-breaker Director: tibeto-burman language character Studio: Scotti Brothers Pictures Starring: Diane Lane, archangel Woods, Cotter Smith, Tyra Ferrell, pecker Nevargic, Edward Penn, Chelsea Benedict, Don Brockett, male monarch Crawford, Maria Barney, Clayton Hill, Angela Rosignalo Jones, Raymond Laine, Zachary Mott, Kathleen philologue Description: immature and best looking Katya, a gap bureau for a big territorial division store in Pittsburgh, begins a sexual desire story with a journalist, Mac Odell. She is how stalked by Jack, a matrimonial man who has a fixation with her.

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