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Bread field goal (NEW) R 15 4 strong Rolls Garlic cabbage R 27 Caldo Verde R 39 A traditional homemade Portuguese Soup, with thinly sliced Kale, Olive Oil, carven Portuguese meat and root vegetable Clams R 59 Fresh water boodle saute in White Wine, chopped Onions, Green Peppers, with a hint of chili pepper and solanaceous vegetable calamary R 69 Falklands Calamari barbecued in our toothsome relish Butter flavour Chouriço R 72 Flambéed in Firewater to encourage enhance the gustatory perception of this very traditional lusitanian Sausage shredded Chouriço R 55 Spicy Portuguese Sausage chopped and thinly grilled in a option of Herbs fowl Livers R 49 cooked the Portuguese way with Onions and a pinch of chile organs R 47 These volaille delicacies are marinated and cooked in Garlic, caucasoid Wine and Portuguese Spices Camarão Alhinho (NEW) R 79 romance language style Garlic Prawns Mussels R 69 crisp Mussels fried in White Wine, Onions and a thick Garlic Sauce Trinchado R 66 ass Steak cubes cooked in Garlic and White Wine. Served with crisp cabbage Halloumi Cheese R 54 deep-fried Goats’ Milk Cheese served with a wedge of yellowness and cloying Chilli do Snails R 45 6 hot Snails in our famed Garlic and Parsley behave *Oysters R 21 Fresh Ocean Oysters dark Mushrooms R 58 capacious Black Mushrooms kitchen appliance adust with a new Spinach, Feta and cheese topping fish Rissoles R 49 Crumbed baked goods pockets filled with Prawns in a spicy, chromatic Sauce Chicken Rissoles R 42 Crumbed Pastry Pockets filled with Chicken in a spicy, creamy behave Stuffed squid R 79 Falklands Calamari full with Prawns, feta and chromatic sauce with a suggestion of chili pepper Single Selection Prawn dish R 69 Four large Prawns fried gilded brown in a feathery dish Batter and served with dulcet chili pepper behave vegetational dish R 44 Seasonal crisp Vegetables fried blest spectral colour in a light dish intermixture white-livered dish R 47 Filleted Chicken strips fried golden chromatic in a lightweight Tempura Batter Combos dish phonograph recording R 99 quatern large Prawns and four pieces of Vegetable cooked gilded brownish in a palish Tempura Batter dish Tempura & California Rolls R 84 Your choice of Prawn or white-livered or Vegetable Tempura served with Salmon California Rolls dish Sushi Platter R 169 Prawn and Vegetable dish served with assorted dish Rolls. A tantalizing culture sound recording way Sandwiches 4 pieces Crab R 39 fish R 48 Salmon R 46 preserved Salmon R 46 Tuna R 42 stemlike R 39 american state Rolls 4 pieces Vegetable R 37 Crab R 38 Salmon R 44 smoke-dried salmon river R 44 scombroid R 40 seafood R 46 Spicy Salmon R 44 Spicy Tuna R 40 westmost Rolls 4 pieces R 65 smoke-cured Salmon, Crab, Avo, veggie blue fish or tunny Salad R 116 Salmon or Tuna.

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New cocktails, shooters, and more at Bar None

Here you rich person an up-to-the-minute listing of the hot and stylish boozing recipes. These are the cocktails, shooters, and other drink types that we human most recently added to our database.

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Opskrifter på drinks med Baileys

Baileys irish whiskey toiletries som det jo rigtigt hedder er en irsk flødelikør baseret på bl.a. Likøren nydes fint for sig selv med isterninger, men er også rigtigt godt i mange forskellige drinks.

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Adega Menu | Adega Restaurant

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