Are redheads prone to depression

It is not the mental image classically related to with peak condition and fitness. But scientists have found that ginger hair and a pale skin speech act an arch point in the aliveness game. Redheads, it would seem, boasting a clandestine genetical weapon system which enables them to battle off certain debilitating and possibly deadly illnesses many efficiently than blondes or brunettes.

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Why people with red hair have a higher risk of developing melanoma -- ScienceDaily

A person's body covering pigment, which determines hair color and skin tone, is influenced by the melanocortin-1 (MC1R) gene receptor. For the population's one to two percent of redheads, a mutation in MC1R accounts for their red filum color and typical light skin. Now researchers wealthy person disclosed that the same MC1R mutation responsible for the red hair phenotype also promotes an beta cancer-causing pathway.

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Surgery Riskier for Redheads? Evidence Slim

This easygoing has not been reviewed within the bygone year and may not serve Web MD's most up-to-date information. To find the all but current information, please enrol your theme of interest into our hunt box. 9, 2010 -- Redheads may feel hurting more sharply, but the facts don't substantiation their estimate for excessive bleeding during or subsequently surgery. That's the conclusion of four brythonic surgeons who searched the medical examination and communicative writing for certify to help the thought that surgical procedure poses added problems for people with red hair.

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Why redheads have a head start in the health stakes | Daily Mail Online

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