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For few silly, girly tweets hind in June, the Alt-Right, wish the gentlemen we are, rallied round, threw our cloaks downbound ended the puddle, and wanted Miss Katie to delicately gradation over the mucky mess. Miss Mc Hugh misinterpreted our masculine gallantry for beta-orbiter weakness and, figuratively speaking, started to spirit alfresco the shining knights of the Alt-Right for the alpha masculine to “impose sharia” on her lily-White ass. At to the lowest degree in a journalistic sense, Miss Mc Hugh seems to exhibit that bad channel in distaff nature, videlicet the need to be controlled and the way to “shit test” all males about them until it happens. Inwardly, it seems, she started to contemn the Alt-Right, so when one black SJW was killed under highly oracular context in the town of Charlottesville sunset weekend, Ms Katie flew off the handle with one of the virtually astoundingly bad pieces of news media of all time written, a authentic crap test of an article.

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Katie McHugh, I Accept Your Latest Shit Test and Claim Your Journalistic Ass –

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