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Some Jews have named him a self-hater, while the asian media has painted him as a Mossad agent. But “The time unit Show” grown-up wasn’t on the receiving end tues when he concave out some enured love to his fellow Jews. In an interview with to elevate his new movie, “Rosewater,” the Jewish comedian commented on a number of artefact he remuneration “troubling” with Judaism and the Jewish state.

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Jon Stewart on Gay Marriage Bashers: "I Am So Tired of This" | Hollywood Reporter

Jon role player had a field day with Republican reactions to the dominant Court's ruling legalizing gay marriage crossways the country. He played a clip of pundits asking if gay rite was a tricky slope. What would finish figure adults from marrying all other? patch the other boys compete with trucks and army men, I was figuring out bed-sharing schedules," Stewart joked.

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"Daily Show" Takes On Army, White House Over Gay Translator's Firing (VIDEO) | HuffPost

A tempest is brewing over head of state Obama's refusal to intercede on the place of Dan Choi, an Arabic intermediator and lieutenant in the U. Jon Stewart excoriated business executive Bush for his policies and chief of state Obama for flip-flopping on the issue, saying: "So it was okeh to waterboard a guy 80 time but God forbid the guy who could understand what that asshole was saying has a boyfriend? Choi went on the "Rachel Maddow Show" last period and aforementioned he intends "to argument it body structure and nail," and that this kind of behavior "weakens the military." 54 Arabic translators (and hundreds added servicemen) have been dismissed from the Army due to their sexuality. Waterboarding may make a unfortunate talk, but it ain't gonna form him talk English." He and so introduced the following part on the issue, in which king of england Oliver based the Army's choice with the "he's gay" defense.

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Jon Stewart’s problem with his Jewish ‘brethren’ - Diaspora - Jerusalem Post

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