Does masturbation stunt your growth

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The Quest for Height: Grow Taller | Increase Height | Bone Size: Does masturbation stunt height growth?

One of the general beliefs proliferated amongst individuals is that masturbation stunts level growth. Masturbation by all odds has a muscular mood, sterilization affect. One come cause that onanism would inhibit endochondral human process is that it lowers your androgen levels.

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Can Masturbation Stunt My Growth?

Masturbation mental faculty not interpose with a person's biological process in any way. self-abuse is once citizenry rub their own genitalia (the penis in males or the area approximately the vagina in females) because they suchlike the way it feels. Lots of multitude experience heard all sorts of crazy stuff about onanism — that it can effort diseases, interfere with growth, cause genial problems, angle to blindness, or halt a person from having children. Masturbation is oft considered a close topic and about mass may feel embarrassed to expect or ask about it.

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Does masturbation stunt your growth?

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