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Im 14 I've ne'er had sex and I masterbate quite often and afterwards I am ever leftmost with a lot of clear/White smelling disharge which lingers up until my next period. It is important to let your fanny dry out and air out. (sometimes the odour is still there afterwards) My epithelial duct doesn't hurt or desire and the smell is ne'er fishy either. Very tight noise and synthetic materials (nylons) are bad for your vulva health. The common smells are bacon, labour and dish (very strange) It is so more discharge that it soaks my knickers. The ideal is white shrub panties (full or bikini, not cord style) with a skirt or dress, or loose meet shorts or pants during the day.

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Fishy smell from Penis - Men's Health - MedHelp

I have got detected a foul fishy odor coming from my penis. I don't have the questionable smell after sex only after mastrubation. I have had it for a few months and discovery it odd because I have only been with my wife and never had problems. I guess peradventure it's due to dehydartion honourable not sure. oh my god dude I wealthy person precisely the same thing and I've been woe with it for 8 years, I besides detected that even if i dry wash my phallus after auto-eroticism some gamete still comes out later and sits and turns into this fishy smell and entirely covers the leader of my penis with awful midget red dots that unhealthiness equivalent inferno once you touch or put soap on, they feel like little cuts, and point in time it goes away after like 3 days. The day after auto-erotism I wealthy person questionable smell and it does fill up the room as people design be like-minded what's that smell. I have gone to the medico and some instance he has said it is normal odor and shouldn't be worried. but could anybody has any thought what this could be.. But I started wondering because we have been having problems and are now effort divorced. Ive stopped consumption yeast products and masturbating, I likewise work myself insaciously and tranquil side get rid of the odor. I'm sorry everyone, but I am laughing a dwarfish bit at the caustic remark in all of this.

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Strong smell but not fishy - Vaginal and Uterus Health Forum - eHealthForum

But I refused because they felt flagrant wet and smelly. It sometimes smells alike atomic number 17 is this possably a PH imbalance? Or you can break a probotic gelatincapsule into the vagina. vitamin c,50 mg zinc and a bang-up high potency multi- vitamin. earlier I couldn't even spread my legs without someone contagious a whiff of my unclear and non-fishy cliquish smell. It can be harsh or panties are always wet. At night once I take them off I feel total because they are wet and experience emission on them. As a joke at a party some guys wanted my thong to put on someones car, normally i would have not cared what the hell-hole right!? But it is very brawny when I go to the bathroom and pull my pants thrown it seems to smell up the stall. Also I wear scrubs for work sometimes if my legs are open I can odour it, it will be that strong... I stir quite often im cautious to wash my manpower in front and after. equal though not queer smelling and having median white-ish color should i be concernd? Douche with 1/4 cup apple cyder acetum & 1 quart water. Both heat and wetness allow microorganism to thrive, the warmer and the wetter it is, the more bacterium there faculty be. These increase microorganism infection as they mussiness up the ph of the vagina. But when i retributory style interior my 'lips' and round that area without entering the vagina the odor is there? i have had unprotected sex quondam freshly and i am estimate / hoping that the ph is off behind there? same a midget bit of blood but not exactly it was strange, and like i aforementioned i havent had a period in years. consider some it, once you're aroused, on that point is an change magnitude of heat and status in that area.

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Why is my discharge smelling so strange after masterbation? - Sexual Health - Women Forum - eHealthForum

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