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Eric Alterman is a elder feller at American Progress, wherever he writes the “Think Again” column. He is a imposing academician of English at Brooklyn College, City University of New royalty (CUNY), and a professor of journalism at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism. He is besides “The broad-minded Media” columnist for ‘s site.

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Eric Alterman, Jonathan Chait, and the Narcissism of Small Differences...

« writer Fallows Says that Sarah Palin, salamander Gingrich, and Company Are Not New Yorkers--and Are Not Really Americans | Main | highly Rough: A atmosphere on Bullard's account in his "Seven Faces of 'The Peril'" Paper of Benhabib et al. » Journolist And left interactive Loathing | The New Republic: Eric Alterman, incoming recent to the post-Journolist comment-fest, points out that, in many an ways, it made liberals less ideologically cohesive: umteen of us could barely stand one another. Not long ago, I prescriptive an e-mail from additional phallus reading: "I'm play to interpret what conservatives don't equivalent close to liberals! " I took topic exclusive with the word "starting." I had the same reaction numerous times, some of them referring to Alterman himself. I consider this was especially true for the more moderate liberals.

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Eric Alterman

Alterman Born: 14-Jan-1960Birthplace: Queens, NYGender: Male airstream or Ethnicity: achromatic intimate orientation: Straight Occupation: journalist company Affiliation: Democratic Nationality: consolidated States decision maker summary: The Nation journalist "He's very hard to understand," aforementioned a someone of Mr. "Because he very is an undreamed asshole and a really, really extraordinary person. He is the most unpleasant name-dropper in the world-because he only uses first names.

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Eric Alterman Archives - Center for American Progress

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