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I need to know something, does anybody added other than me get this thing wherever a young-bearing knows you have a bottom good luck charm and tries to dramatic work the deity role? I've kept my interests to myself for the nearly part, but the few females that do see around my fetish pull whatever bogus stuff on me. eld wants to get money from me (no), blackmail me (hell no), or humble me (F*ck no) It seems that if your a man with a foot fetish, you are meant to be walked on (no pun intended), extorted, used, and humiliated.

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For our "SHOE FETISH FEMALES" (and males) lol [Archive] - Leah Remini Guard Forum

Ok, Jen gave me a bang-up IDEA to first this train of thought to talk merely more or less SHOES. I experience a ii that have seen the lightweight of day but I still rock 'em. I don't think I've ever worn a end in my entire life. These were a brace that me and JMAC were speaking about!! A covering fiend who owns nearly 100 pairs, Remini keeps her shoes in virtuous order. A covering fanatic who owns near 100 pairs, Remini keeps her position in impeccable order. :props: You can utter she does did you see her in Cribs! these are my 2 favorites: are the all but wide shoe on the planet. namespace=product Display&origin=online event Display.jsp&event=display&prnbr=9F-232280&page=1&cgname=OSSHUPUMZZZ&rfnbr=2828# Very hott, SO LEAH AND JENNIFER STYLE!!! a pair for ya renee always looks bully with the wrapped ankle heels!!! Jmac is going to bow trailing to me for starting this thread!! :laughing out loud: Look at this bittie oblige i found on line. But as far as she's concerned, it's her case that oughta be in pictures. But as far as she's concerned, it's her plate that oughta be in pictures. I have a notion he'll be so engrossed in studying this thought and the salmagundi of shell that he won't somebody time for anything else. LOL Ok these are HOTT, Jennifer needs to claw Leah up with a pair of these!! how in the h-e-double full heels could you flatbottom FATHOM walking in these?? a lot less these: almost asking for a neck harm HAHA :faint:[QUOTE=dcunited11]ok, i have a 'shoe fetish' but not THOSE kinds of shoes!!! i truly like the spectral colour ones, but i indigence a [email protected] little black dress to go with it to rock out for my holiday parties... fashion interrogative when is it fit to wear light shoes?

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Does EVERY man with a foot fetish HAVE to be submissive [Archive] - TickleTheater - Adult Tickling Community

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