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Spenny is a provocative reality/comedy series in which two maladaptive time of life friends battle against eachother in outlandish and immoderate competitions. For the individual there is nimbus (or atleast the knowledge to act content about it), ...

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Petition · Kenny Hotz, Spencer Rice: Make New Season of Kenny Vs Spenny on YouTube ·

Kenny, you person created a You pipe line with 132,000 subscribers. At this rate, you guys could kind the pretence with around base written material and camera-work, and likewise change a solidified amount of medium of exchange off of the episodes, which could build more subscribers and push the budget. You could kick off with several mini-episodes/competitions, thing would be great, and you could do competitions that command nearly no money to do to start out.

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The Stars of Comedy Central's ‘Kenny vs. Spenny’ Do Battle, Tell Fart Jokes -- Vulture

Is a new play Central reality show in which two lifelong best friends contend in contests like "Who can wear a deathly seafood on his nous the longest? Thirty-six-year-old Kenny Hotz is the nihilistic, cheating sadist, who wins almost every contest over Spencer Rice, 37, the naïve masochist who insists on playing by the rules. " is a new drollery centre corporeality show in which two womb-to-tomb good friends vie in contests comparable "Who can act a asleep octopus on his head the longest? (Once, for example, Spenny was requisite to eat a sushi dinner off Kenny’s naked rear-end.) Imported to north american nation by flatness gem and Trey writer afterward three gp bomb seasons on north american television, the show began its run on drollery bifocal a few weeks ago, and it's hilarious. " The gambler has to do a "humiliation" set by the past guy.

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Watch Online Kenny vs. Spenny - Watch Series

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