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I call up the day after the Election, a friend of reenforce who happens to be white, remarked on social media that he “finally wasn’t chagrined of land and our President.” I sprained my eyes rolling them and they have ne'er to the full recovered. Listen, you’re utterly inside your rights to have disagreed with Barack Obama’s policies or to person taken issue with his tactics. Since then I’ve heard this persuasion echoed by more white social group than I can count, especially in past months; reputed assuagement at quondam again having a leader who instills pride. Were you discomfited by his eremitic and enduring twenty-five year marriage to a strong cleaning lady he’s never ceased to in public praise, respect, or cherish? But I don’t expect it had thing to do with his continue or his content or his character or his trait in office—because you be full proud right-handed now to be associated with a three-time married, serial libertine and confessed predator; a man whose preordination and commercial enterprise transaction and relationships are riddled with controversy and malfeasance. No one’s claiming he was a perfect politician or a perfect human being. Since I don’t hold the time to ask each of the individually, I’ll ask here: So, you were embarrassed for the past 8 years, huh? Were you embarrassed by the way he fondly and sweet fostered and protected his daughters? You’re utterly fine being delineate by a bullying, obnoxious, genitalia-grabbing, Tweet-ranting, select Minister-shoving charlatan who’s managed to offend all our allies in a few momentary months. But somehow I don’t opine that’s what we’re talking some here.

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Just lack to say quickly that the main issue with blubber has more to do with what's in the food we're consuming thomas more so than the gross caloric intake. In short dieting or attempting to limit calories simply does not occupation and will ultimately lead to failure. We need to make best food choices and educate ourselves on what we are putt into our bodies.

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No, White Friend—You Weren't "Embarrassed" by Barack Obama

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