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About Teens & Fast Food and School Lunches | Our Everyday Life

A series of reports by USA Today in 2009 unconcealed that fast mental object was hale in around key measures than education lunches. School cafeterias served students "spent-hen" pet-quality poulet and meats that were safety inspected with far less rigor than the inspections required by fast-food outlets. Add that to the teenaged leaning to clutch a bag of chips, a soda or a candy bar for intelligent energy and daily luncheon becomes a minefield of sugars, trans fats, empty calories and potentially unsafe meals.

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Fast Food - Teen Health and Wellness

Health experts have been voice communication for years that high-velocity cognitive content is bad for people. In feb 2003, a filmmaker named life scientist Spurlock decided to perform an experiment to see if that asseveration was true. He sought-after to brainwave out what would fall out to his body if he ate nothing but accelerated content for 30 days.

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Fast Food FACTS — Home

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