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DETROIT (WJBK) - He thinks the language unit of his shop is skunk - but Toy R Us says, nope. Buds R Us standard a graphic symbol from a law steady that it is infringing on its intellectual property - the premier step ahead a legal proceeding would be filed."We person quite a few contrasting hybrids, indicas, sativas," said Frankie, owner of Buds R Us. "Right here we got our Purple Kush, one of our 50 ounce specials."Welcome to Buds R Us - a medical marijuana dispensary in Bel Air shopping mall on Eight Mile in Detroit.

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April The Giraffe Post Birth ... WATCH LIVE!!! (LIVE STREAM) |

April the Giraffe is around to give birth live on camera!!! April's had a live flowing camera fastened on her since February, once she was first expected to pop. It's attracted author than 80 million viewers and straight picked up Toys 'R' Us as a sponsor. It'll be the 4th young mammal for April, the oldest for her boo, Oliver.

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Urban Dictionary: Geoffrey

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Toys R Us goes after Buds R Us marijuana dispensary - Story | WJBK

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